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    The Perfect Venue

Perfect weddings need the perfect venue.

Of all the events that happen in your lifetime, your wedding will be the most romantic. You’ve no doubt been dreaming about what your wedding should be like all of your life. Since the time you were a child, you’ve probably had fantasies about it – what you and the attendants will wear, the magic scenery of the spot where you’ll say your vows, the delicious cuisine that your guests will eat, the flowers, the music.

We’d like to invite you to consider Sky Meadow as the destination where all those fantasies can become reality.


Let’s do a quick check of some key elements to the perfect wedding:

  • Great Location
  • Elegant Surroundings
  • Fabulous Food
  • Beautiful Decorations
  • Picture Perfect Locations
  • Dance Floor & Great Music
  • Experienced Banquet Staff

Yep, we pass the test. Just add guests!

We're ready to help you every step of the way.

The steps a bride takes down the aisle are super-important. But there are many steps to take prior to those! Here at Sky Meadow Country Club, we assist the bride with all of them! Just thinking about all of those details to a wedding – like those you read in our Wedding Guide – can be a bit daunting.

Here's a great plan: FORGET the details and leave them up to us!

Our experienced team helps you plan every moment of your special day, arranges your event and sees that your plans are carried out flawlessly. Like players in a well-rehearsed Broadway play, our wedding team will see that your special day comes off without a hitch.

We know from experience that cost is one of the first considerations for your memorable trip down the aisle… We rarely work with a bride (and especially dads picking up the tab) for whom money is no object. Everyone today is cost-conscious. Sky Meadow offers you packages that include many wedding and reception services at affordable prices. Our packages make planning and budgeting a breeze and can easily be custom tailored to deliver your dream wedding.

Remember – if you don't feel comfortable within the cost perimeters of our wedding packages we'd be delighted to customize a package just for you. We want you to enjoy your day here. We don't want you silently counting and calculating every drink, every appetizer, every tablecloth ...

We make everyone feel at home.

Weddings are synonymous with family. Unless you plan to elope, your family will play an important role in your big day. We treat all of your guests like members of our family. We make everyone feel at home and do our very best to let you know how much we appreciate that you've chosen Sky Meadow to host your most special day.

It seems like every family has that member. You know, the fussy aunt who normally doesn't like anything she didn't cook herself. Or the uncle who will insist on lighting up a celebratory stogie. We'll put on our kid gloves and do whatever it takes to make all of your wedding guest feel welcome. While you can't pick your family (none of us can!) you can pick every facet of your big day here at Sky Meadow, with a myriad of wedding and reception options available to you. Don't worry – it's not an overwhelming task to decide when you have our help!

We'll help you design and customize a wedding package that's just right for you and put your plans into motion.

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